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Sign Letter to Congress Against Rail Reregulation

Rail reregulation would reinstate failed federal controls that nearly destroyed the rail industry in the 1970s. Reregulation would slash rail revenues making it impossible for rail to maintain current service levels, let alone add the capacity we need.

Congress needs to understand that American business opposes rail reregulation! The final letter will be distributed to Members of Congress and used as a newspaper advertisement.

Open Letter to Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

The demand for freight transportation is rising even faster than the price of fuel. It’s no wonder American businesses are relying more on the nation’s fuel efficient and cost effective freight railroads. We need Congress to facilitate new investments to expand rail hauling capacity to preserve businesses and jobs and keep prices down for consumers.

Businesses depend on freight rail even if the nearest rail line is miles away. From raw materials and component parts to finished goods, almost everything a business can sell and a consumer can buy spends part of its life on a train.

Tax incentives for freight rail capacity expansion would leverage private investment and produce huge public benefits: reduced highway congestion, improved air quality, lower greenhouse gas emissions, better fuel efficiency, and reduced cost to the taxpayer for highway construction and maintenance.

Rail re-regulation would shrink rail capacity when the nation needs more. Less rail capacity will limit transportation alternatives and increase shipping costs.  Our businesses will be hurt but ultimately it is the consumer who will suffer most.

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